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How Many Calories Do You Burn Doing Focus T25?

I am so excited that tomorrow is my last day of the Beta Phase of Focus T25 and I’ve gotten a ton of questions about calorie burned for the workouts.  While my individual posts review the workouts and share the calories I’ve burned, I thought it would be helpful to share my average calories burned […]

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Focus T25 Day 52 – Speed 2.0

This was supposed to post last night but for some reason it got stuck in my drafts.  Anyhooo…. Today is day 52 and I seriously cannot believe I’ve only got 2.5 weeks of T25 left.  I also can’t believe that I’m half way thru Beta Phase and just now getting to posting a review of […]

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Focus T25 Day 47 – Upper Focus Review

Life has been super crazy lately so I’m a little behind in my T25 beta phase workout reviews but I’ll catch up as quickly as I can here.  The 25 minute workouts are seriously perfect for the busy summertime (ok they’re great for busy fall, winter and spring too) and both hubby and I have […]

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Focus T25 Day 43 – Switch Kick Struggles

Made it thru the first week of the Beta phase and I have some detailed workout posts in the hopper but today wanted to focus on something I’m struggling with – the switch kick. The switch kick comes up a bit in Alpha phase, but it’s a low one so not as intense. In the […]

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Focus T25 Day 21 – Double Day Fridays

I finished up week 3 of Focus T25 Alpha Phase Friday technically but the weekend was so darn busy that I didn’t get a chance to post.  In the Focus T25 schedule Friday’s are double days if desired for even better results – meaning 2 T25 workouts in a row.  Now the past 2 Friday’s […]

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